4G Broadband


What is 4G broadband and how does it work?

Unlike regular broadband, 4G broadband operates through air waves instead of cables. In this sense, it’s more similar to the way your phone operates when using mobile data.

Also unlike regular broadband there is no set-up process needed. All you need to do is plug in the router and your internet is ready to go.

Millions of homes and businesses now have access to fast fibre optic internet via the BT Openreach network, Virgin Media network, and numerous smaller players such as Hyperoptic and Gigaclear. If you can get fibre it’s a great choice, providing fast (sometimes gigabit) speeds at an affordable price.

But that’s if you can get it. There are still many premises where the only option for fixed-line broadband is ADSL, which can be very slow depending on the condition of the line and distance from the exchange. This is a particular problem for rural areas, but there are still urban locations that lack modern broadband infrastructure.